Step-by-step instructions for installing a wildcard SSL certificate on Microsoft IIS version 7 or 8. Wildcard certificates allow securing multiple subdomains with a single certificate. Microsoft IIS is one of the most popular server types our customers use, so we’ve compiled instructions on how to install a Wildcard SSL certificate on

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How to export SSL certificate from one IIS 7 server to

The Request Certificate wizard will open. Fill out the Distinguished Name Properties form with the following information:. Common Name: The hostname that will use the certificate.This is usually a fully-qualified domain name, like, or can also use a wildcard, like *; Organization: The legal name of your company or organization.

Click Next Click Replace the current certificate. Click Next Select the certificate in the list and click Next, then Finish Now you have a SSL certificate associated with a website, which you can repeat the same steps for another website. Next is to enable HTTPS for the website. If you have a wildcard certificate, this can be a bit tricky.

Sep 13, 2017 · After generating CSR in IIS 10, it is time to install SSL certificate on IIS 10. The certificate authority sends an email with zip file that contains generally main certificate, root and intermediate certificate (CA Bundle). Root and Intermediate certificate will be installed via MMC (Microsoft Management Console) for IIS. Sep 01, 2010 · Import the SSL certificate into IIS, and make sure you check the box marked to make the SSL certificate exportable (this is a must, as there is a bug in IIS 7.5 here) Create the website you want to use a wildcard on a single IP for and give it a normal HTTP binding In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, in the Connections pane, expand the name of the server on which the certificate was installed. Then expand Sites and click the site you want to secure using the SSL certificate. As Sandeep said, IIS deletes your cert if it does not have a private key. This often occurs if you use IIS to create a Certificate Request from a CA. Your CA does not have your private key (you do) so the file does not contain the private key. He are the exact steps you need to do: You originally created a Certificate Request from IIS on your Choose to place the new certificate in the Personal certificate store. Click OK to install the certificate. NOTE!! There is a known issue in IIS 8 giving the following error: Failed to remove the certificate If this is the same server that you generated the CSR on then, in most cases, the certificate is actually installed. Simply cancel the