The German Nix and Nixe (and Nixie) are types of river merman and mermaid who may lure men to drown, like the Scandinavian type, akin to the Celtic Melusine and similar to the Greek Siren. The German epic Nibelungenlied mentions the Nix in connection with the Danube, as early as 1180 to 1210.

Daishen Nix - Wikipedia Daishen Nix (born February 13, 2002) is an American professional basketball player who is signed with the NBA G League.He was a consensus five-star recruit and one of the best point guards in the 2020 class. Nix chose to forgo college basketball, after originally committing to UCLA, to join the G League's professional pathway.At the high school level, he competed for Trinity International Nix – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre Nix (em grego: Νύξ, transl.: Nýx, lit."Noite"), na mitologia grega, é a personificação da noite.Uma das melhores fontes de informação sobre essa deusa provém da teogonia de Hesíodo.Muitas referências são feitas a Nix naquele poema que descreve o nascimento dos deuses gregos. Nix - NixOS Wiki Nix is a package manager and build system that parses reproducible build instructions specified in the Nix Expression Language, a pure functional language with lazy evaluation.Nix expressions are pure functions taking dependencies as arguments and producing derivation specifying a reproducible build environment for the package. Nix stores the results of the build in unique addresses specified

nix definition: 1. to stop, prevent, or refuse to accept something: 2. nothing or no: 3. to stop, prevent, or…. Learn more.

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Nix is the name of Roxy Lalonde's browser of choice, and is also the name of the Denizen of her planet, the Land of Pyramids and Neon. Nix is likely the Denizen associated with Void, and thus presumably also Equius Zahhak's denizen in the Land of Caves and Silence. In Greek mythology, Nyx is the primordial goddess of the night, and mother of Hemera. Appropriately, the icon for Nix is identical