Clients who think NAT suffices as a firewall have a misunderstanding of these two functions: Think of NAT as the old mailroom at a corporation. Inbound packages coming to the corporate address is reviewed and the mailroom adds the recipient's cube number for inside delivery. Packages arriving without a valid recipient are simply discarded.

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NAT or Firewall Traversals for Business VoIP. In some cases, benign traffic can accidentally get rejected or mishandled by a NAT or firewall. When this happens, the packets are "dropped", and the quality of your Internet connection is diminished. This can result in inconsistent Internet speeds, choppy audio on VoIP calls, or buffering video feeds.

NAT is a Firewall. And It's not an opinion. It's a fact. Looking into the definition of Firewall: A firewall is "a system or combination of systems that enforces a boundary between two or more networks." National Computer Security Association's standard Firewall Functional Summary template. A NAT creates exactly that sort of boundary. What is a NAT Firewall? | How Does it Works - PrivacyEnd The NAT firewall wasn’t originally created as an intent to be used as a firewall. It was built to basically make the networks more mobile. It was established with the mind that through it every device won’t have to be re-addressed if there was a change of network. Cisco ASA Static NAT Configuration -

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What is Network Address Translation (NAT)? Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process where a network device, usually a firewall, assigns a public address to a computer (or group of computers) inside a private network. The main use of NAT is to limit the number of public IP addresses an organization or company must use, for both economy and security purposes. Firewalls and NAT Explained - BlueJeans Support The Network Address Translation that is created on the firewall or by routers and is part of the security fabric for an Enterprise. NAT also became popular due to the shortage of Internet IPv4 unique IP addresses to allow all of the devices to be directly connected to the Internet. Filter inbound Internet traffic with Azure Firewall DNAT You can configure Azure Firewall Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) to translate and filter inbound Internet traffic to your subnets. When you configure DNAT, the NAT rule collection action is set to Dnat. Each rule in the NAT rule collection can then be used to translate your firewall public IP and port to a private IP and port.