Feb 21, 2019 · Due to the fact that Freeradius only reads this table when it starts, any changes done to the nas table require Freeradius to be restarted. It is a good rule of thumb to add an entry for the localhost so that you can easily test the system using the radtest tool that comes with the Freeradius Client package. Conclusion

FreeRADIUS — OPNsense documentation To create a new client, click the + button: Enabled. This client will be written to disk and can be used. You can toggle this value to temporary disable clients. Name. A name used for the client. Secret. The secret is used to provide a trust relationship between the client and the FreeRADIUS server. MikroTik Radius Configuration with FreeRADIUS - System Zone Dec 07, 2018 FreeRADIUS - Wikipedia

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FreeRADIUS v3.0.x packages now available 2019-04-19 - 2:34 am ACCOUNTING: Keeping Track Of It All (Part 3 of Our 3 Part Series) 2015-10-22 - 9:00 am AUTHORIZATION: Authorized Personnel Only (Part 2 of Our 3 Part Series) 2015-10-16 - 9:01 am

When "WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X authentication" is configured as the Association requirement on an SSID, each gateway AP in the network must be added as a RADIUS client on the RADIUS server. This permits the RADIUS server to accept RADIUS Access-request messages from the APs.

Release release_1_1_7 · FreeRADIUS/freeradius-client · GitHub A BSD licenced RADIUS client library. Contribute to FreeRADIUS/freeradius-client development by creating an account on GitHub. project/Radiusclient