Jun 18, 2019

A password manager, like Firefox Lockwise, is a piece of software that keeps all your password safe, encrypted and protected. Some can even generate strong passwords for you and automatically enter them in to websites and apps. Password managers act like a … Firefox Lockwise — password manager — take your passwords Firefox Lockwise lets you securely access the passwords you’ve saved in Firefox from anywhere — even outside of the browser. Features 256-bit encryption and Face/Touch ID. New password security features come to Firefox with

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Create stronger passwords RoboForm's random password generator will create a strong and unique password for each site. Say goodbye to using weak or duplicate passwords for everything.

Secure Password Generator - Firefox

The app’s Firefox extension is not just a simple add-on that displays the necessary login credentials and automatically logs you into the desired account, but it is a gate to a small command center for the LastPass vault that holds virtually all of the software’s features available, from the in-built password generator to the import/export